Electro Chemical Machining (ECM)

ECM, the unique process for a wide range of application needs.

Since 1965 KÖPPERN has been a onestop shop for EC-machined parts - from blanks to finished products. Our modern ECM plant and equipment allows for machining workpieces weighing from 20 g to 15000 kg.

Since its versatility enables a variety of requirements to be satisfied, e.g. in machinery and plant construction, gas turbine or aviation technology, the ECM process is one of the most advanced machining processes.

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Its superiority is demonstrated in particular with exotic materials as used in aviation and space technology, which must comply with strictest quality requirements regarding cracks and surface condition.

High-alloy materials such as nickel based alloys, titanium alloys, powder metallurgy materials or hardened metals can be easily machined. The machining process leaves no burrs, ensures excellent surface quality and does not subject the workpieces to thermal loads because machining temperatures are below 90°C.